More About Guise

Updated: Feb 1

Guise began as a creative space for art; a digital journal of images and stories that represent the things that made me happy in any given moment. Now, I want to offer you a collection of simple, yet thoughtfully designed products that I hope inspire you to do the things that make you feel good.

Studio Guise is a non-seasonal, ready to wear online clothing store. This collection will be composed of signature basics as well as limited edition items.

I want you to feel like your Studio Guise pieces were always meant to be a part of your closet. I hope you love them forever as they will only get better with time. Oh, and I want you to wear your Studio Guise often! That’s why each piece is made from high quality blanks that will last long and provide you with ultimate comfort. Visit our FAQ page for more information about blanks.

However, although I want everyone to wear Studio Guise, I strongly believe in prioritizing sustainable practices over mass production. For this reason, I will only be manufacturing in small batches. This guarantees the items produced will be sold and not gone to waste.

Questions? Ask away! You can always reach me through email, text, or DM if you'd like to know more.